Dental Assistant Jobs

Dental assistants are skilled professionals who work with dentists and other dental specialists, and their purpose is to deliver high-quality oral health care along with all the members of the team. Finding good dental assistant jobs is not easy, because in addition to the fact that competition is intense in this field, these assistants must also have good communication and interpersonal skills combined with high-quality formal training.

Dental Assistant Job Description

assistant with dentistry work in the backgroundThe dental assistant must perform numerous tasks and duties, be it at the dentist’s office or at the hospital: he must assist the dentist during surgeries and other dental procedures, he must develop and store the dental X-rays, he must take impressions of the patient’s teeth, help with various dental treatment procedures and sterilize all the instruments and the equipment that was used. Besides that, dental assistants commonly deal with other administrative tasks as well: for instance, it is their duty to take care of various office management tasks and they must also keep in touch with the patients, keep the treatment records, welcome the patients as well as inform them about appointments and such.

Besides the duties mentioned above, dental assistants may also need to remove sutures, apply anesthetics, prepare the patients for treatment and manage their dental records at the same time – however, these duties mainly depend on the training of the assistant, because dental assistants who deal with laboratory duties may be in charge of making temporary crowns and cleaning the removable appliances used in the dentist’s office as well.

What Are The Classic Educational Requirements?

Dentist and assistant in exam room smiling

In order to become dental assistants, the professionals must take some courses in various areas such as chemistry and biology, and they must also get their theoretical training from dental-assisting programs provided by technical institutes or community colleges – on the other hand, many professionals that work as dental assistants nowadays have gained their skills on the job, after they have become apprentices. Also, it is not uncommon for the assistant to specialize in an additional field: as a matter of fact, many of them choose to become dental hygienists as well, which considerably increases their chances of earning more money.

In addition to the educational requirements which often require the professional to be registered or licensed, a good dental assistant must also possess a set of skills: not only does he need to be reliable and trustworthy, but he must also be familiar with the notion of team work and he must pass all the theoretical and practical exams.

How Much Can A Dental Assistant Earn?

This is one of the most commonly asked question, and the average pay scale for dental assistants can vary anywhere from $23,000 (which is the average staring point for an entry-level position as an assistant) to $45,000 or even more each year, depending on the training, experience as well as on the type of setting where the professional activates. On average, a dental assistant can earn around $30,000 per year, and the job prospects are very good at the moment.

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